Ship by air or sea, we got you covered!

You might not always get the best quote from your supplier, or even worse, your supplier might be giving you a higher shipping cost because he gave you a lower product cost. That is why we always recommend that you "shop around" a bit. You will never get the best quote by calling up shipping agents in China or freight forwarders, as you are a "small fish" to anyone in China, and you will most likely get a high quote. If you are shipping over 20,000 units at once or a full container, yes, you might have a chance if you call directly, otherwise you will most likely get a bad quote.

We understand and know that when you are lauching a new product, cost is very important and that your first order will most likely be between 500 to 2,000 units, that is why we recommend giving you a quote that matches your needs.

We have years of experience importing in the US, and especially from China. We have agents in China with whom we work on a regular basis and already have a close business relationship. That is why our quotes are usually better than what your supplier will have to offer.

We can arrange:


  • Air Express (3 days / 3-5 days / 6-9 days / 9-12 days)

  • Air Freight / Air Cargo (pallet shipments)

  • Sea Cargo (full container / split container)

Let's see what you need! On shipping quotes we usually reply within 24 hours as we need to check with our agents in China that are on the complete opposite timezone than us here in the U.S.






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