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Why Quality Contol?

Well, we honestly think that Quality Control is especially important when dealing with China. Not to say that all suppliers are bad, but almost all have some sort of problems. We have seen it all and we are sure they do not do anything intentional, it just happens. We are here to make sure that your suppliers' mistakes don't become your mistakes.

We recommend quality control for a number of reasons, the most obvious of course being sure that what you ordered is what you received and what your customers will be receiving is not something that can haunt your nights after a bad or negative review, due to the fact that the product simply isn't the quality you expected it to be.

We found that with online sales, especially Amazon sales, there are so many different, specific problems, that not doing quality control would be unprofessional and sometimes suicidal. For instance, one of the most common errors on all shipments that we receive (especially on variations of color or size), is that we find a bunch of mislabeled products. For instance, you are selling spatulas :) and you have 3 colors: black, red and yellow. What we usually find are black spatulas with red FNSKU labels applied by the supplier. The big problem when something like that happens is that once Amazon receives your inventory in FBA, they only scan the FNSKU and add that in your live inventory for sale. Which means, you now have a totally different color inside a packaging with the wrong FNSKU. When a customer orders your red spatula, Amazon will scan the red FNSKU and at some point send out the wrong actual product color. Your customer will receive a black product (not the red one he ordered). This error will open yourself up to returns, refunds, or even worse: account suspension (your customer may claim you sent him something completely different, meaning it was not as advertised).

Another common issue is product packaging with major misprints, missing FNKSU labels or damage product packaging. Amazon will not put badly damaged product packaging in your inventory. You will most likely see those products in your unfufillable inventory, which means you can either have Amazon dispose of it or have them send those products to a US address for you to do as you see fit. Either way you are losing money on those products rather then turning a profit, as you will have to pay Amazon a disposale fee or a shipping fee to get them checked out.

We can go on and on about why it is beneficial for you to do Quality Control on your products, and we can give you hundreds of reasons why you should at least be doing the basic standard option, but it's time for you to tell us what you need. We usually reply within a couple of hours with your tailored quote and answer any questions you might have so you can make an informed decision.

Let's get started!

Our Quality Inspection Services Explained

  • Standard QC: We visually inspect your product box for transportation damage (product packaging damages), print defects, check that the FNSKU barcode is present and correct, if you have variations, we check each FNSKU to make sure it is on the correct product, as well as any other visual defects on the product box.

  • Detailed QC: We check the product itself for damages or defects and make sure that everything is inside the product box, and that all products have correct logos, accessories, manuals and so on.

  • Labeling: We can apply additional special Amazon specific labels such as Suffocation/Choking Hazard Warnings, Made In China, FNSKU, Fragile and much more.

  • Product Testing: Here we can make sure that your product actually works, be it an electronic product or not, we will make sure that everything is as it should be.

  • Inserts: We can insert coupons, fliers, business cards, thank you notes, user manuals etc

  • Bundling: Add item or items into an existing product packaging.

  • Sorting: We sort your order to make sure it's as per Amazon's requirements or your shipping plan.

  • Forwarding: Forward your incoming shipment at your request.

From 40" containers to individual items, we handle them all!

How it works

It's actually pretty simple and straight forward. After you decide what you need done, just send us the products from China or wherever your supplier is located and we'll do the rest. We receive daily shipments from all major courier services be them US based (UPS/FedEx/UPS/etc) or China based (SF Express/AnaCargo/Air China/etc), so there are no delays or holdups as we are on file with all of them.

Once your order has been shipped to us, and arrives in our processing facility, you will be updated on the status of your order each step of the way. We usually process orders up to 2.000 units within the same day (for standard QC).

After your order has been processed you will receive a detailed report on your shipment as well as high definition pictures on how the shipment arrived in our facility as well as to all damages found in your order.