Don't risk it!

There are so many things a first time seller or importer must be aware of when getting ready to import. We are here to assist and make everything much easier. Did you know that if you are importing a Bluetooth product in the U.S. and have the word, logo, symbol (any one of them) present on your packaging, your shipment will be seized by U.S. customs due to patent infringement ? I bet you didn't know. We get more and more requests from new customers having their shipments seized or held by US Customs due to regulatory issues.

We are here to help and assist. We know what your product needs and what it needs from the FDA, FCC, Bluetooth, Federal and state law. Not knowing all the facts can lead to very very long delays, seizures and hefty fines.


Let's see what your product needs!

We can help with:

FDA: Medical Devices, over-the counter pharmaceutical drugs (medication), Supplements, Food Safety, tobacco products, cosmetics, animal food, veterinary products.

BLUETOOTH: All bluetooth products or products that have blutooth features.

FCC: all products that emit a radio frequency (mobile phones, smartphones, radios etc)

EPA: Food processing, paints and coatings, printers, earplugs etc.

TRADEMARKS: Need assistance or detailed information on registering your product? We can help.

PATENTS: Are you looking to obtain a design or utility patent? Let us know and we can assist.