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Inspection District has been around since 2013. It first started as a small side project, being part of a 100% family owned company that had been doing imports and quality control in the United States since 2008. At that time we where serving customers worldwide but on the traditional "off-line" retail markets.
In 2013, attending various entrepreneurial conferences and meetings in the US, Canada and Europe, we met a group of young businessmen from Europe that where getting ready to sell their brand name products online in the US and were in need of shipping and quality control services for their first order in the US.
Having the knowledge of US imports and an existing QCF (Quality Control Facility), we gave it a shot, not knowing at that time the many product problems small Chinese factories would give our customers.
We immediately saw the need to offer our already existing "all inclusive" services to our online customers.
Since 2013, Inspection District has attended various Amazon specific conferences and meetings where we had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of awesome people that were in need of what we were offering and within a couple of orders, all of them became our regular customers.
We now have customers from all over the world that sell online, be it on Amazon, eBay or their own online websites. Some are now even entering our "old-school world" of the "off-line" market, selling their products through traditional retail stores.
We call all of them family, and we have a big one! We treat each and every order as it were one of our family's members.
We like to think that our knowledgeable, qualified and trained staff had a small part in turning a lot of sellers with major problems into "Best Sellers" on Amazon.
Enough about us, let's talk about you. How can Inspection District take care of you?


Quality Control


From basic quality inspection, to detailed inspections, product testing, bundling, relabeling, forwarding, you name it, we do it and much more. We got you covered.

Compliance Services


Compliance is something you need to take seriously and most sellers don't know all the regulations and laws when it comes to importing: FDA, Bluetooth, FCC products. We do :)

Shipping Services


We can provide excellent shipping services, be it Air Express, Air Cargo or Sea Freight, we do it all. Get an affordable quote with quick, no-hassle delivery.

Merchant & Prep Services


On-line retailers have tons of requirments in order to qualify. We know exactly what needs to be done and all the requirments for a worry free process. We also provide  services at special prices and great service options.

U.S. Import Services


Importing in the US can be tricky and scary if you don't know what you are doing, why risk it? Our team handles imports from China on a daily basis. Sit back and relax!

China Price Sourcing


You don't always get exactly what you want price wise or production time wise. Our Chinese team will do their best in making sure you are getting the best deal for your product. 



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Warehouse Manager

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Shipping Specialist

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Sourcing Specialist


“Thank God I found Inspection District, I had complaints from my customers for missing items before them. Now they make sure everything I send to Amazon is complete.”

Steve - Amazon Seller -  CA, USA

"I had issues importing in the USA and was searching for someone to help. Thank you Inspection District and Jonathan for all your help and assistance, you guys ROCK!"

Philip - Ebay Seller - LONDON UK

"Inspection District made sure I send quality products to my sellers. I owe my success to all their hard work and professionalism. Thank you Inspection District !"

Jim - Amazon Seller - NY, USA



Inspection District Corporate Headquarters

   Miami, FL 33131

   Tel: 1-800-677-0907 

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Inspection District Florida, USA

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Inspection District Bogota, Colombia

(serving Brazil)

Monday – Friday  8:30AM – 5:00PM 

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Inspection District London, UK

Monday – Friday  9:30AM – 4:30PM (GMT)

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Inspection District Sydney, Australia

Opening Fall of 2018!!

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